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Thanks, VBS helpers!

Christ Lutheran’s 5-day “Vacation Bible School At Home” began on Monday, July 20th. A number of people worked to make this happen. Be sure to thank the following when you see them: Leslie Anderson helped organize the bags of materials for the daily craft projects. Leah Bailey and Sara Pinkerton videoed skits for each of the five days. John Knapp added a VBS link to the church website for easy access to the program. Pastor Joel made videos for each day about the Lord’s Prayer, the day’s Bible story and also told the children about the country they would learn about that day. Aanika Swant volunteered to make a dance video to get children up and moving. And this would not have happened without Kate Keyes’ creativity, knowledge and persistence to put everything together for the online program! It truly took a village!

Thanks to all!

Charleen Kaaen